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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

my Xperia leaked

my Xperia leaked; now available to download for all

The ‘my Xperia’ security service is currently being rolled out to people in the Nordics, with a global release expected during the second quarter. The service allows you to locate and protect your Sony Xperia smartphone if it gets misplaced or stolen. If you want to test it out, the apk has leaked allowing anyone with a Sony Xperia smartphone running at least stock Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich to try it out.

The file can be downloaded from here and installed like any normal application (make sure you have ‘Unknown sources’ ticked in Settings > Security). It works by installing the app onto your handset, which automatically enables the service. You then need to log into my Xperia with your Google account details to either locate your phone, sound an alarm (if it has been misplaced), lock the handset with a message to return to owner or erase all data on the phone. 
The service worked very well in our initial testing on an Xperia S, locating the phone via GPS to within a house away. The sound alert starts almost immediately with audio loud enough that you should be able to find your handset even in noisy environments. The web interface is very intuitive and keeps tasks very simple to execute. Overall, it is a very worthwhile additional service from Sony and we look forward to the formal roll out later this year.

my Xperia installation on handset

1.) my Xperia app requires a long list of permissions. Not surprising given the nature of the app.
Once the app has installed, you can find it in Settings > Xperia.

2) Once the app is initially loaded it gives you brief overview of what the app can do. Click on the Activate button to start the service.

3)You will have to accept the Terms and Conditions before starting the service.

my Xperia can be activated or deactivated with the switch on the top right.

my Xperia on web

1)Go to my Xperia on the web and sign into your Google account. You should see all of the phones that have an active my Xperia installation.

2)As soon as you log in, the service will automatically locate your phone.
There are several options on the side of the interface. This one allows you to engage an alarm on your handset to locate the phone.

3)The handset will display the splash screen below whilst the alarm is going off, press the button to end the alarm.

You can also remotely lock the handset, with your contact details. It also allows you to create a new pin lock, overwriting any existing code.

4)If you are worried about the security of your phone, you also have the option to completely wipe the device. This includes the option of wiping any media (including photos) on the device.

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