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Monday, January 6, 2014

Sony Mobile prepping Windows Phone for mid-2014 release?

Windows PhoneEvery once in a while, the rumour mill around Sony entering the Windows Phone ecosystem starts again, pointing to a diversification of mobile OS support. Of course for those with long memories will know that Sony’s Xperia range actually started with Windows Mobile with the Xperia X1 and Xperia X2 handsets. 

Whilst Sony Mobile has been running exclusively with Android since then, it is currently dabbling with Firefox OS for some entry-level models that will launch in 2014. Now, The Information is reporting that Sony Mobile could launch a (Vaio-branded?) Windows Phone by the middle of 2014. 

Obviously, the same concerns around such a project remain. The Windows Phone ecosystem is dominated by Nokia’s Lumia range of smartphones, accounting for 90% of all Windows Phones. If that wasn’t bad enough you also have Microsoft’s recent proposed acquisition of Nokia’s hardware arm that would put any other OEM at a distinct disadvantage. Then there is also the fact that Microsoft pushing Xbox Live as its gaming platform of choice in Windows Phone, would jar against Sony’s PlayStation drive. 

Would you like to see a Sony Windows Phone? Or would you rather the focus remains on Android and for Sony to push up the ranks? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.


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