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Sunday, February 17, 2013

User records Xperia Z video at retail store to counter inferior display claims

A number of Sony Xperia Z reviews have started to pop up over the last few days and more are expected over the coming week. Some reviews have criticised the handset’s display for its lack of viewing angles as well as poor contrast and colour saturation when compared to other handsets. Despite other reviews describing no such issue, the concerns have been enough to make some people question ordering the handset, especially considering the price.

This led one concerned user to visit a Sony Centre store in Poznan, Poland and record a video of the Xperia Z’s display. The video looks at the handsets viewing angles as well as showing off some pictures to get an idea on colour reproduction. The brightness is also altered as it can affect contrast levels if too bright. It shows that for those questioning the Xperia Z display, it’s best to check it out yourself before writing the handset off. The results look pretty good to our eyes.

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